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Posted on Sep 24 2011 - 8:31pm by HOV-MMA

The Magic of Mixed Martial arts still lives on through DREAM and was witnessed by many fans who stayed up (or set their alarms) to catch the third card of the year for the promotion early this morning. One can’t help but smile when you’re hit with the intro matched with the music and of course those first words out of  Lenne Hardt’s ( aka Screaming PRIDE Lady) mouth just seal the deal. Here’s to JMMA never dying and hopefully always being available to view for us fans from the States. Oh ya, and here are the full results from DREAM.17 with minimal jibber jabber from yours truly.

September 24, 2011
Saitama Super Arena

•  Shinya Aoki (29-5) defeats Rob McCullough (19-8) via face crank (Round 1, 4:57)

Memo to Aoki’s next opponent. Work on your neck/face crank D.

Tatsuya Kawajiri (29-7-2) defeats Joachim “Hellboy” Hansen (22-11-1) via arm triangle (Round 3, 2:30)

Kawajiri looked great in his Featherweight debut and could very well prove to be a force at 145 if he decides to stay at this weight.

Takeshi Inoue (21-5) defeats Caol Uno (28-15-5) via Head Kick KO (Round 1, 4:17)

Wicked head kick KO from the fighter the kids love to call “Lion”. A thing of beauty.

Yan Cabral (10-0) defeats Kazushi Sakuraba (26-16-1) via arm triangle (Round 2, 2:42)

You could hear a pin drop after this one ended.Saku’s video intros and ring entrances are still as entertaining as they are strange. His fights are neither. They are downright depressing. It’s well beyond time for him to call it a career in the fight game. He’s a mummified version of himself out there and it looks like the first leg kick that he takes hurts just as much as the last. Late last year his ear fell off during a fight. What’s next? Hopefully we don’t have to answer that question.

The DREAM World Bantamweight Grand Prix Quarterfinals Results and more after the fuck:

Satoru Kitaoka (29-10-9) defeats Willamy Freire (19-5) via Split Decision

Another close fight that was given to Kitaoka on account of a later yellow card for Freire. I’m not sure why the yellow card was given to Freire but he would have won the fight if it was not. Apparently someone really didn’t want him to win.

Gerald Harris (19-4) defeats Kazuhiro Nakamura (15-11) via Split Decision

Harris wins in another underwhelming performance. Since the KO Slam of Dave Branch back at UFC 116 Harris has stayed busy going 2-2 in 4 festivals of snooze.

World Bantamweight Grand Prix Quarterfinals:

Antonio Banuelos (19-7) defeats Hideo Tokoro (30-24-1) via Split Decision

I tweeted during the event that I had this one for Tokoro but it was too close to complain about the outcome. Hours later I still kind of feel like Tokoro got robbed but again it wasn’t a Leonard Garcia type robbery. 

Bibiano Fernandes (9-3) defeats Takafumi Otsuka (12-9-1) via RNC (Round 1, 0:41)

Fernandes must’ve had somewhere to be.

Masakazu Imanari (24-9-2) defeats Abel Cullum (18-6) via armbar (Round 3, 0:46)

Imanari tried just about every submission in the book before he nearly took Cullum’s arm with him to begin the 3rd Round.  Masterful display of jiu-jitsu by Imanari. He kept at it relentlessly and it paid off with what must’ve been a very satisfying submission.

Rodolfo Marques (14-1) defeats Yusup Saadulaev (8-1-1) via UD

The Brazilian earns himself a slot in the 2nd Semi’s with a solid Unanimous Decision win in his DREAM debut.

Open Weight Intro Bout:

Ikuhisa Minowa (50-32-8) defeats Baru Harn (1-2) via scar hold armlock (Round 1, 4:39)

Mino-WOW-MAN! They could start every card with Minowaman facing off against a super tall dude with no ground game whatsoever and I wouldn’t complain.


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