Ronda Rousey to appear at WrestleMania 30?

Posted on Jan 12 2014 - 4:42am by HOV-MMA

If you tuned into ‘Old School Raw’ last Monday night on the USA network then you were one of the many folks who enjoyed turning back the clock and spending some time with the original ‘Rowdy’ one himself – the ‘Judo’ Gene LeBell trained WWE Hall of Famer Roddy Piper.

Various rumors on numerous pro wrestling websites suggest that Piper will have a part in the upcoming WrestleMania 30 event that’ll take place in New Orleans on April 6th. The last time Piper competed at a WM was back in 1996 where he defeated Goldust during their infamous Hollywood backlot brawl. Piper’s last WM appearance would take place at WM 21 where he would entertain Stone Cold Steven Austin and Carlito during a ‘Piper’s Pit’ segment.

So what does UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey have to do with all of this? Well, first off, her ‘Rowdy’ nickname is admittedly derived from the ‘Hot Rod’ himself. Also, if you trace back their family tree you’ll see the ‘Judo’ Gene LeBell connection between the two. It’s a love fest that dates back decades to say the least, and a pairing between the two during the most anticipated WWE event of 2014 would surely send combat sports fan boys and girls into a frenzy.

The following tweets from both Rousey and Piper both suggest that a little something more is indeed on the horizon between the two most celebrated LeBell prodigies.

Sidenote – How good would a AJ Lee vs. Ronda Rousey story line be? Both girls know how to play a heel and apparently both have a thing for ‘The Best in the World’ himself – CM Punk.

To the Dojo to spar with Judo Gene Lebell in my corner! Lets see what I’ve got! May get @RondaRousey in my corner for WMXXX! #nowthatscool
— Rowdy Roddy Piper (@R_Roddy_Piper) January 11, 2014

Oh my god @R_Roddy_Piper just made my day! #OldSchoolRaw
— Ronda Rousey (@RondaRousey) January 7, 2014


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